Mortgage Free

Now What?

Mortgage Free. Check. Now what?

By Orall Cornelius

Mortgage Free. Done. Check. Now what?

The ‘after’ plan wasn’t key in my thoughts, but now I’m here.

Early on, I thought I’d leave my job, travel, buy a new car etc etc. But in reality it was a confusing time.

Suddenly, I had 2 key thoughts.

1. Superstrengths

A careers advisor told me that we all have ‘superstrengths’ : things that we do better, faster and more easily than others. This is the vicinity we should be in: our career focus. Forget trying to work on weaknesses. Work with your strengths.

2. Boldness

On a walk by the Embankment I came across a war memorial. At the foot it said, “The boldest moves are the safest”. Counterintuitive, because aren’t bold moves risky? But I like it.

So what should I do?

Superstrengths: writing, creative, entrepreneur

Bold move: leave my job and start again.

…and that’s what I did.

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Book cover of Murder Your Mortgage in 7 Years

Melvyn Bragg Documentary by Orall Cornelius