Extreme money saving

Extreme money saving

By Orall Cornelius

In my previous article How Can I Save Money I outlined some basic money saving tips for the household budget. 

But do you want to take it to the Nth level?

1. Boiling

Who can drink 100C boiling water? Just when the kettle starts bubbling, I switch it off. The kettle uses thousands of kilowatts. Those seconds add up. I also make sure the kettle doesn't have more water than needed for the job.

2. Baking

When I know that my wife or kids are about to use the oven, I get baking and make sure we all bake at the same time - not on separate occasions. Typically I'm baking cakes or delicious Orallbar granola bars (a further saving on buying snacks). When baking is done, I leave the oven door ajar - room heating for free!

3. Water

Our shower takes time to heat up, so I have a small bucket in the shower collecting the water. I pour that water in the toilet, saving gallons on the flush.


4. Cooking

We have electric hobs, which keep the heat long after they're switched off. Knowing this, I switch off the hob a little before the food is totally cooked. Works particularly well for e.g. rice and vegetables.

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