Covid Positive

Covid Positive

By Orall Cornelius

I will miss 2020

I need to be humble, because I know there are people who found 2020 hard. They lost friends & relatives and suffered financially or in other ways. I am mindful that I could be next. But I am grateful for many things in 2020.


In 2020 I was grateful that:

  1. I had a job, my employer is doing well and I maintained my salary

  2. At the same time I reduced my outgoings (e.g. travel costs & eating out)

  3. This meant I could save and make overpayments on my mortgage

  4. The stock market fell, I bought cheap shares and the market has now recovered

  5. With no commute I had more time for family, focus, hobbies and projects

  6. Leaving the EU so far hasn't been the trauma many predicted


A historical perspective helped. Compared to the suffering of those in the past (e.g. WW2) I can't complain.

I was also prepared to some degree: I know that recessions are a fact of life (see article).


2021 should be the year of recovery. Memories of 2020 will fade. People seem to quickly forget (think London 7/7).

When organising your finances for the future, check out my tips, my book and never forget 2020.