How to save money

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How to save money

By Orall Cornelius

Cost of Living

With the cost of living crisis we all need to watch our costs.

I save money by:

1. Changing utilities for cheaper deals

Periodically I check broadband, mobile & energy to make sure I’m not giving away money I could use myself. My mobile bill = £7.

2. Online grocery shopping at Asda

If you’re not shopping online you’re probably buying things you don’t need at the worst prices.

3. Paying less for public transport

I worked in Shoreditch zone 1. Travel costs £4.40. If I get off at Whitechapel it’s zone 2 and costs me £2.80. I did that every day for years. It adds up.

4. Making my lunch

Example: pasta with sauce (from ASDA obviously) costs less than £1. Eating out is £5 plus.

5. Remortgaging

Hopefully you’re on a 2 year special deal or some other low rate (2% or less). See my remortgaging tips. 

6. Not Eating Out

If I do it’s fast casual (e.g. Nandos). My worst spending months are when I eat out a lot.

7. Booking holidays early

About 4-6 months. I get the best prices; also more likely to get authorisation from work.

8. Not buying stupid stuff

I earned it: they need to give me a good reason for spending it, every time.

9. Overpaying my mortgage

I don’t pay back double what I borrowed.

10. Putting money aside

I don’t have to borrow at high rates or find myself stuck when I need money.


Well then, are you making yourself poorer?


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