Got rich parents?

Rich father

Do you need rich parents to get mortgage free?

By Orall Cornelius

I came across an article in The Guardian the other day:

Trust (fund) Me: How to Live Mortgage Free is a dream built on sand.

It was a review of Channel 4’s programme: How to Live Mortgage Free with Sarah Beeny.

Fiona Sturges argues that people need rich parents to get mortgage-free (and most people in the comments section agreed).

But Carla and I were in that show!

So the question I asked was:

“Where were we?”

We weren’t mentioned anywhere in the article.

  • My parents were true working class and gave no money toward our house

  • We both had modest incomes (I started on £35,000 and Carla even less)

  • Our house wasn’t cheap: it’s a 3 bed in a London property hotspot

Why did Fiona and others leave us out of the debate?

You can read our story in my book, on Amazon.

See us in ‘How to Live Mortgage Free, on Netflix (S1:E1)