Am I a Sheep?

She Called me a Sheep!

By Orall Cornelius

A girl once called me a sheep. That hurt.

We don’t like being called ‘clones’ do we?

After paying off the mortgage in 7 years I wondered why I did it, but others didn’t.

Am I unique in some way?

I mean:

  • I don’t die for coffee

  • I don’t have an iPhone

  • I don’t buy Nike or Converse

  • I don’t much use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

  • I try not to start sentences with “So…

  • I don’t say “like” too often

  • I don’t have any tattoos

  • If I was a woman I don’t think I’d have Amy Winehouse ‘cat flicks’

People are social beings and so it’s good to follow, but sometimes it’s bad.

There’s a marketing magazine called ‘The Drum’.

Their strapline is “Marketing Can Change the World”.

That worries me.

There are people in the magazine who say they’re experts in manipulating you. Is that why people prefer to buy stuff rather than pay off the mortgage?

I say: be a disruptor.